Mercury Retrograde Is Here Again — Here’s How to Survive It

Messenger planet Mercury, which rules communication, is infamous for its retrogrades. Mercury retrograde, which occurs three to four times a year, is typically feared for its communication errors, travel delays, and tendency to cause a reappearance of pesky exes. However, it’s also a period in which we can correct past mistakes and offers a welcome opportunity to steer life on its proper course. Due to two eclipses and some welcome love from home-oriented Cancer, July presents a chance to see this transit in a new light. Think of it as a mental summer makeover.

July kicks off with Mercury in bold fire sign Leo. While Mercury is still direct, we’re in its pre-retrograde shadow period, which began on Wednesday, June 19. Think of the shadow period like PMS. You may begin to feel moody, and communication starts to feel slower than usual. There’s a bit of a fog over your head. Use this period to prepare: Make sure your work calendar is in order, confirm 4th of July plans, and triple-check travel arrangements so once the retrograde fully kicks in you’ll have an easier time.

The thing is, Mercury is a mischievous planet — it’s basically the trickster of the zodiac. While Mercury is in Leo, expect communication to be strong and commanding. Rather than fixating on how stressful your boss’s emails are, use this period to develop your own inner boss. Practice asking for what you want with courage and authority without harming others. Putting people down is an indicator of weakness, regardless of your sign. On Monday, July 1, warrior planet Mars joins Mercury in Leo, turning up the dial on egos and tempers. Use all the strength you can gather to practice patience rather than allowing yourself to give into impulsive emotions.

Patience is tested on Tuesday, July 2, during the new moon and total solar eclipse in Cancer. Eclipses are wild cards that can bring about unexpected endings. The universe might just snap off relationships and situations no longer serving you, those which you’re afraid to drop on your own. Cancer is a moody water sign associated with the home. Frankly, it’s a terrifying time to worry about Mercury retrograde’s shadow messing up communication and causing you to blurt out the wrong thing to a partner or loved one. However, if you can view life changes as a necessary part of life to get you where you need to be and try to think before you speak, this period can be utilized to soothe the heart.

If you’re experiencing guilt over the way you handled a breakup, for instance, go ahead and write a message apologizing and explaining yourself. Use your intuition to decide if it’s time to send it now or later. Sometimes we are the exes who reappear, and now is one of those times.

Mercury retrograde officially begins on Sunday, July 7. The very next day, Chiron, an asteroid in everyone’s birth chart, goes retrograde on Monday, July 8. This asteroid is known as the wounded healer and represents the parts of ourselves which are our most painful struggles. While Chiron is retrograde, we have an opportunity to heal old wounds. It’s the middle of July, typically a time for summer flings and pool parties. Cutting loose under the influence of eclipses and retrogrades may seem difficult, but it’s worth trying, so consider this beautiful mess of astrological events a chance to relax and reflect. Let the answers arise; the universe is encouraging it. Now is the time to welcome answers, craft a plan, and then it into action later in the month.

On Tuesday, July 16, we’re hit with a full moon and partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn, an Earth sign known for its high work drive. During this eclipse, it’s likely that secrets will be revealed. Avoid gossiping during this period, as rumors may be extra unreliable due to Mercury retrograde, thanks to the full moon and eclipse energy.

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