Introducing The Allure Podcast, a New Show All About Beauty

The beauty industry is changing. In the past year, the phrase “40 shade range” has dominated the news cycle, and more faces than ever are being represented in media and advertisements alike. At Allure and beyond, conversations have shifted toward self care, self-acceptance, and self-love, while words like “anti-aging” and “bad skin” have fallen by the wayside.

Now, join Michelle Lee, Editor in Chief, as she brings these conversations to life in “The Allure Podcast,” presented by Ulta Beauty. The all-new series will take you on a deep-dive into the beauty industry through discussions with the people who are re-shaping it. Each episode, Michelle will be joined by influential voices in beauty, fashion, entertainment and beyond to chat about all things beauty: From representation and diversity in the media, to the importance of self-acceptance and self care, to the latest in beauty innovations and obsessions, as told by each guest’s inspiring personal journey. And true to Allure‘s style, there will also be plenty of tips, tricks, and product recommendations worth stealing for yourself.

It’s no secret that we at Allure love talking about beauty — from the products that will keep your hair shiny and skin glowing to the women who are disrupting what society has traditionally seen as “beautiful” — and the Allure podcast will bring you all that and more.

Episode 1: Awkwafina
In the first installment, Youtube-rapper-turned-blockbuster-star Awkwafina (who you likely laughed out loud at in Oceans 8 and Crazy Rich Asians) opens up about her meteoric rise, the importance of representation, her beauty routine and… slime. Clearly, there is never a dull moment.

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