Huda Beauty Gave Us a Sneak Peek of Her New Waterproof Eye Shadows

Huda Beauty fans everywhere, get excited. From what we can tell (translation: what we saw on Instagram), the brand is coming out with a totally new beauty product soon. And we’re happy to report it looks damn good. The makeup mogul took to the social media platform late last night, offering fans a teaser of s not-yet-released launch, which, from the looks of it, appears to be eye shadow with serious staying power.

The sneak peek in question featured Kattan with an arm full of stunning, sparkle-tinged swatches, but that’s not even the best part. In the short clip, which she posted to her Instagram Stories, Kattan is shown putting her arm under running water in order to demonstrate that the shadows are not just long-lasting or smudge-proof — they’re waterproof. It’s a truly mesmerizing sight to see, as the shadows didn’t budge at all when the water hit them, which is definitely not the case with most eye shadow formulas. “It’s the most amazing product in my opinion in the eyeshadow game that has never been done before,” said the influencer, according to @TrendMood1.

The Instagram beauty news source also came through with a release date. According to the post, you’ll be able to get your hands on the new formulation come December 26 on There’s no doubt fans are going to jump all over this launch — especially those who enjoy doing high-voltage eye makeup looks on the regular and could use a solid waterproof shadow in their collection.

In terms of the actual shades of the shadows, people can expect a slew of bright pinks, shimmering coppers, and cool-toned purples. Heavily-pigmented, colorful shadows that don’t budge when water hits ’em? Consider us sold.

Go ahead and set your reminders and mark it on your iCal because these babies are bound to go fast once they’re released on the 26th. Until then, have we mentioned how much we adore the Huda Beauty New Nude Palette?

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