Here’s How You Can Get a Free Colourpop Eye Shadow (If You Act Fast)

At first, when Colourpop launched its Super Shock Extreme Party Talk Shadow Kit, it seemed like the brand was celebrating its fifth birthday with the eye shadow version of my ideal birthday celebration: a get-together with a few of my best friends in which we’re dressed up a little more colorfully and sparkly than usual. But the next thing we knew, Colourpop decided to throw a full-blown summery shindig in the form of a whole new watermelon-themed collection.

We already told you a little about the irresistibly pretty Main Squeeze eye shadow palette ($12) — the first product Colourpop teased before revealing an entire collection was coming. And now we know a little more about it, including all the shade names and details: Frosé (matte pink-red), Juicy Fruit (metallic coral with a gold flip), Home Slice (metallic true red), Like It’s Hot (matte true red), Maraschino (metallic red with a gold flip), Big Gulp (matte red-coral), Seed Money (matte red-brown), Bay Watch (metallic red-bronze), and Red Bottoms (matte crimson).

And now we know that there’s so much more to this collection, including several sets. Fans of Colourpop’s liquid lip colors will love the three $12 Lip Bundles: Out of Your Rind, which contains the glittery, iridescent pink Ultra Glossy Lip shade Scorcher and the fuchsia Ultra Matte Lip shade On the Grill; Slice of Life, which features Fresco, a pink-red Ultra Glossy Lip, and Swing Away, a red-orange Ultra Blotted Lip; and Sweet Crush, which comes with the glittery, iridescent purple Ultra Glossy Lip shade Granita and Sherbert Shop, a watermelon red Ultra Matte Lip.

If that’s not enough glitter for ya, check out the three super-sparkly duos in the collection (also $12 each): Dear Summer comes with Wish Me Luck Mini Glitterally Obsessed Body Glitter (“a kaleidoscope of copper, purple, blue, and green glitters”) and the peachy-pink and gold Sand Castle Supernova Shadow; Slip ‘n Slide, which includes the holographic Disco Lady Mini Glitterally Obsessed Body Glitter and Hazy Supernova Shadow, a cool violet with a blue duo-chrome shift; and Sandia Smash, featuring the bright fuchsia and silver Avenue Of The Stars Mini Glitterally Obsessed Body Glitter and Ice Pop Supernova Shadow, a hot pink with purple, gold, and silver glitter.

Speaking of Glitterally Obsessed, there’s also Glitterally Obsessed Mini trio called Star Gazing ($12 yet again), which comes with the beloved shades Starfire, Star Party, and Keep It Plutonic. And Colourpop has also launched two new full-size Glitterally Obsessed shades ($8 each): Trippin on Skies (opalescent gold with holographic glitter) and Bring the Heat (warm rose gold with holographic glitter).

ColourPop Watermelon collection

Courtesy of brand

This collection also has skin care covered with the Best Served Chilled set ($24). The three-piece bundle comes with the brand-new moisturizer Fourth Ray Watermelon Face Milk, the never-before-seen One In a Melon Lippie Scrub, and the sebum-balancing Fourth Ray Watermelon Seed Oil.

And hey, if you just want everything, you can get literally everything in a single bundle called the Big, Juicy Birthday Collection for $145. That includes the new Ultra Matte Lip shade in Melonade and the new So Juicy Plumping Gloss in Big Slice (each $7 when sold individually).

But no matter what you decide to buy, you’re the one who gets the birthday gift. Through Friday, May 17, all purchases come with a free Super Shock Shadow in Birthday Treat, a warm coral with gold and pink glitter.

Several pots of ColourPop's birthday eye shadow

Courtesy of brand

I don’t know about you, but I am now craving both watermelon and eye shadow.

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