Halsey Just Let Her Fans Choose Her New Hair Color

Who among us hasn’t asked our friends and followers on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to help us make a choice about our hair? Personally, I just used the poll option in Instagram Stories last week to ask if I should go blonde for my birthday. And even Halsey sees the value of crowdsourcing beauty decisions on social media, posting a Twitter poll to let her fans decide what her next hair color should be.

The singer, who’s known for switching up her hair color with both dye and wigs, was apparently struggling over what to do with her hair next, tweeting about her indecision several times on Monday. “My brain arguing with me over whether I should grow my hair, cut it, or dye it a bright color,” she tweeted with a gif. A few minutes later, she tweeted, “What’s the new wave. Slime green? Gerard Way red? Lilac?” (Gerard Way had cherry-red hair for a while when he was the lead singer of My Chemical Romance.)

Many of her nearly 10 million followers replied to that question, which may be why Halsey decided to get her fans’ opinions in a more organized way: a Twitter poll. Introducing the survey with just the head-massage emoji (💆), she gave three updated options: lilac, Gerard Way red, and “pink (again),” perhaps like the mauve-y color she had in October 2018 (pictured above). However, she made it perfectly clear that if pink was the winner, it wouldn’t be “cotton candy blue/pink pixie circa bleach 2015,” as one Twitter user suggested; that prompted Halsey to reply, “will u give it a rest it’s been years.”

But after 24 hours, more than 100,000 people had voted, and lilac was the clear winner with 60 percent of the vote.

For a couple of days, there was no word on whether or not Halsey would, in fact, follow through with dyeing her hair the winner color — and that’s understandable. Right after the above tweets, she learned that her “Without Me” became her first song to reach the number-one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

However, on Wednesday, she confirmed that she submitted to the whims of her fans, tweeting, “my hair has been lilac since yesterday btw bc I am a strong independent woman who lets young people on the internet decide what she’s gonna look like via twitter poll.”

Halsey has yet to share a photo of the lilac look, but it’s probably just a matter of time before she reveals that it’s just one more color that looks incredible on her head.

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