Claire’s Is Recalling Makeup That Tested Positive for Asbestos

If any of your holiday giving or getting included presents from Claire’s, you need to be aware of a recent recall for several of their products.

Concern over their products was first raised by a mother, who purchased a glitter makeup kit for her 6-year-old daughter, NBC News 10 reports. The mother, Kristi Warner, sent the makeup kit to be “independently tested” and received a phone call shortly after that the product contained tremolite asbestos which is 100 percent fatal, and has been linked to mesothelioma, NBC News 10 reports.

Time reports that Warner is employed by “a law firm specializing in asbestos litigation” and inquired of her boss to conduct further testing. Following her request, additional products from Claire’s in nine different states were then tested, Time reports, and each product was revealed to contain tremolite asbestos. Following news of the additional test results, Claire’s issued a statement on December 23, promising to launch an “immediate investigation.”

The company then reported back on December 27 with a full list of products affected, including makeup sets, and a glitter palette with lipgloss and eye shadow. On December 28, they announced they were stopping the sales of the products and were issuing refunds until they could complete an investigation.

Consumers are being encouraged to check their previously purchased merchandise from Claire’s to see if it’s one of the recalled items.


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